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Bath Shower Head Dinosaur Egg
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Bath Shower Head Dinosaur Egg


This creative toy will bring you endless fun and surprises.When you turn on the faucet, this magical dinosaur egg transforms into a shower! 

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This creative toy will bring you endless fun and surprises! It has a unique shape, like a charming dinosaur egg, perfectly blending creativity and practicality.
This dinosaur egg showerhead is a great addition to any home bathroom!

  • Its appearance design is very attractive.
  • The full oval shape looks like a dinosaur baby about to be born.
  • The surface of the dinosaur egg is smooth and made of high-grade ceramic material.
  • The texture is very good and can instantly upgrade your bathroom.

dinosaur egg 1

When you turn on the faucet, this magical dinosaur egg transforms into a shower!

  • Water will spurt out from the top as if the dinosaur is spitting water at you.
  • You can adjust the spray pattern and intensity of the shower head to make your bathing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

What’s more interesting is that the dinosaur eggs are also equipped with LED lights.

dinosaur egg 3

When water flows through, the lights will change colors, creating a dazzling water curtain effect.

This design not only makes your bathroom more beautiful, but also brings you a fun bathing experience.

dinosaur egg2

This dinosaur egg shower head is not only functional, but also adds fun and surprise. It will become the highlight of your home bathroom, making every bath full of fun and happiness. Whether for your kids or yourself, this unique dinosaur egg showerhead will be an irresistible toy choice!

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